I am me.

I am me. Merely Sarah. I’m the always positive one. The one that loves unconditionally and forgives far too easily. The one that makes jokes at inappropriate times because I believe laughter heals everything. I am the calm-cool-and-collected turned total hot-head when I get pushed too far. But that’s what makes me, me.

The parts of me I am proudest of are my honesty, my work-ethic, my adventurous side, and my positivity. And unfortunately, I’ve been in relationships and friendships where they tried to make me feel inadequate in these areas. So instead of holding myself back to appease those around me, I’m going to keep these values at the forefront of everything I do.

Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way… to not change for anyone else. If I have to try to prove myself to someone, over and over, just to have them continue to doubt me, then I’ll step away. Those who have complaints about who I truly am have gotten me nowhere in life. Changing myself to become someone I wasn’t in order to please someone else has repeatedly left me broken-hearted and far from my true self. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Live and learn. Grow from your mistakes. And become better along the way.

I have learned how much happier I am when I stay true to myself. So I will no longer hold back my love and affection for people in general to quiet a friend’s insecurities. I will not dim my own light just to make sure someone is not threatened by my success. I know I’m strong-willed, and if that threatens a man’s virility, well then he is not the one for me. I will not change my friend circle because of gossip… talk away! And I will not cut people out of my life because of mistakes. That’s not who I am.

I will be kind to everyone, honest even when the truth hurts, and openly loving to those I care about. I will forgive people that have hurt me. I will trust someone until they prove to me otherwise.

Don’t tell me that someone doesn’t deserve my forgiveness. Don’t tell me that I’m too nice or too happy or too anything else. I’m just me. I have no time for controlling, jealousy, or manipulation anymore. If I have to be different in your company, then I don’t need your company.

Staying true to myself and being accepting of others for doing the same? That is what has given my life momentum.

I am who I am. I am me, nothing more, nothing less… and I am trying to be more proud of that.

Individuality makes you who you are. Get out there and shine on. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should be. Just be you, and I will be me.

Published by Merely Sarah

Navigating through life and finding the beauty through the pain. Spreading positivity and light where there's darkness. Wanderlust and adventurous... grabbing life by the balls and making the most of every situation. I hope to resonate with someone else out there, one who hurts every single day, but pushes through and keeps their light shining. We need each other, because sometimes this life is exhausting and we need to keep pushing each other to do big things and to let our voices be heard. You are needed. You are valued. You are fucking BEAUTIFUL.

2 thoughts on “I am me.

  1. Always be you!!! There maybe many like you but there will be only ever be one! Be happy with who you are and be happy with what you are doing.


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