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Grief, growth, and choosing positivity every day.

Come with me on this journey through life after loss…

My life has been ravaged by suicide loss and it’s aftermath, but I am determined to live it to the fullest extent. I want to be completely transparent with you. Show you the beauty that can come from pain. The many ups and downs of this roller coaster we are all riding. I want you to see my struggles… because this shit ain’t pretty, but nothing real ever is.

I’ve been dealt one hell of a hand here… and I see it as I have two options, I could fold right now and cut my losses, or I can bluff my way through this and see if I can take the pot.

This blog is about my story as I experience it; the the ugly, raw emotion behind grief, the beauty of moving forward, and the comical chaos that life really is. It’s as true as it gets, and while I don’t intend for any of this to be upsetting or a trigger for anyone, I do understand that it’s a sensitive topic to some, so please proceed with that in mind and stop reading if it’s too much.

Love and healing to you all!

I am me.

I am me. Merely Sarah. I’m the always positive one. The one that loves unconditionally and forgives far too easily. The one that makes jokes at inappropriate times because I believe laughter heals everything. I am the calm-cool-and-collected turned total hot-head when I get pushed too far. But that’s what makes me, me. The partsContinue reading “I am me.”

Social Distancing and Grief: Like Oil and Water

During the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, take a moment to consider those who have recently suffered a loss, of any kind, and how they may be affected by isolation and social-distancing. To some, quarantine or social distancing means bunkering down with their family and riding out this mess together. To others… the grieving, theContinue reading “Social Distancing and Grief: Like Oil and Water”


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